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A literary agent is a person who represents authors and their works before film producers, film studios, theatrical producers, and book publishers. These people can help increase your book sales and profits with negotiation. Most often, literary agents represent non-fiction writers, screenwriters, and novelists.
Our team has good ties with some of these finest industry gatekeepers. We have gained access to insider knowledge that helps us match your manuscript with the best literary agent to increase the chances of successfully publishing your next big-seller.

A literary agent can help outline your proposal or manuscript before it is forwarded to an editor. These agents can help give your work an appropriate and appealing spin to expand your sales.
Publishing is a very complicated process that can prove to be really frustrating for writers. Famous publishers will not even entertain direct submissions from authors and writers unless represented by an agent.
The services of a literary agent are very essential for compiling and negotiating a publishing contract. These services make sure that the writer is totally aware of their limitations and rights before a contract is signed.

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