Executing Efficient Marketing Plan for Self-published Book

Already published your book but can’t reach the desired sales you hoped you would achieve? With our practical marketing plans, you can still accomplish your goals! With our useful book promotion ideas, it can never be too late to promote your book. We use exceptional marketing methods to attract more readers. Our marketing methods are customized to meet all our customers’ needs since we know that each book is different from the other in various ways, and each book requires a specified marketing plan to reach optimum sales. If you have already released your book and you’re worried you’re not reaping the benefits you had anticipated, do not fret. Reserve your book marketing services now and watch your book turn into a bestseller.


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Process of Book Marketing

Order Details

Reserve your spot by filling a simple brief form and provide all relevant information about your book. You will instantly be welcomed by one of our project managers. Once the manager has received all the necessary information, your order will be confirmed.

Research & Determining Target Audience

The most eligible marketers will be appointed to draft marketing strategies for your book. After thorough research on the subject of your book, the target audience will be determined, and the book will be marketed in a manner as to target that specific audience.

First Marketing Strategy Approval

As soon as the first marketing step is drawn out, it is sent to you for your approval. Once approved, the execution of marketing strategies similarly begins.

Pre-launch Promotion

Our marketers will create buzz and hype among the public before your book is even published. This is achieved by appealing posts, opening pre-bookings, and self-advertisement in top newspapers and magazines.

Book launch

Our marketers know very well how to plan the perfect book launch, to invite those guests that will play a pivotal role in marketing your book by building public relations and hiring media people.

Post-launch Promotion

Even after your book is released, our marketers will not settle down. For them, this is a crucial point in determining the success of your book and will execute more promotional plans until your book turns into a bestseller.

Offering Smooth E-Marketing Solutions for Your Book

Stop thinking and start taking action. Hire a marketing company for your book promotion.

Find answers here to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Book marketing is a long, well-thought-out procedure of promoting your book in such a manner as to generate book sales. Book marketing also creates awareness of the book that is being marketed among sellers, readers, and customers. There are several steps within book marketing, and carrying each one of them out in an effective manner results in optimum profit, which is the ultimate goal of book marketing.

The job of a book marketer is to execute such promotional and marketing strategies to raise book sales to the sky. Marketing and promotion strategies vary from marketer to marketer. A book marketer is efficient in determining the target audience as the first step and then devising plans accordingly. They also determine the size of the book in the market and analyze similar books and their promotions to decipher which promotional strategies would be most beneficial for the author.

If you’re an author, then yes, you do need to hire a book marketer. Writing a book and promoting it are two very different functions. If one is excellent at writing a book, they would perhaps not be as good at promoting the book, and vice versa. Hence, it is a safe idea to hire a professional to carry out the marketing and promotional activities for you. Professional book marketers have good relations with publishing industries that may take you years to develop. The experience and qualifications of the marketer will allow them to execute those strategies that result in maximum and efficient benefits, which is a better option than you carrying out new experiments and wasting your precious time and efforts.

Before hiring a book marketer, you need to determine which qualities you’re looking for in them and precisely what plans you think should be carried out by them. If the book marketer is responsive and agrees to execute your plans with the touches you want, you should hire them. Your chosen book marketer should also provide you constant updates on your book promotion strategies and, most importantly, provide numbers. Numbers show how effective the strategies actually are. A professional book marketer will keep you updated at all times without you having to ask them for details again and again. If you find all these attributes in a book marketer, you should hire them immediately without a second thought.

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