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Writers Of USA have been serving in the ghost-writing industry for the past few years. Our expert ghostwriters understand the dynamics and algorithm of ghostwriting quite well. We offer a large number of ghostwriting services, including narrative writing. Narrative writing is one of the most commonly known and seen types of writing. Narrative writing is primarily a type of story writing, one can say. The narration varies upon the requirements and specification, as well as the goal an individual wishes to achieve. It can be in a form of story, biography, history and much more.
If you have an idea which you believe the world needs to hear, then hire a narrative writer from Writers Of USA. You can request a free quote anytime or speak to our senior narrative writer anytime.

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Quest Narrative Writing Services

Now you can get your hands on quest narrative writing services too with Writers Of USA. If you have an idea or an exciting plot in mind, then allow us to deliver it to the world for you. Our expert quest narrative writers have been working on this particular niche for years, and now we are all set to write your stories in the engaging and exciting way possible. Give us a call or reach out through email because our narrative writers are waiting for you.

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Premium Narrative Book Cover Designs

Apart from writing services, we also cover everything that makes your book stand out the most and reach the target audiences quickly. Once your book is completely reviewed by you and approved, we move next on its marketing, designs, format, and publishing. We live in a world where every book does get judged by its covers, therefore we design exceptionally great book covers that resonate with its persona at max.

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Assigning Writer

We assign your project to an expert writer
relevant to your book's genre.


Writing & Revisions

The writer starts working on your order right away, takes your feedback on it, & revises it if need be.



We send the completed order to your email & account.


After order confirmation, our writers carry out extensive research and formulate an outline for your book.


Once written, our editors peruse the book multiple times for a critical review, proofreading, and corrections.


We publish your book in your desired format and execute a custom marketing and promotional strategy.

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First Chapter

After your affirmation, our writers go on to write the first chapter for your book. The first chapter is then sent back to you for review.

Typesetting & Designing

We then format the book, add fonts and graphical details, and design the front and back covers.

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Stars of Our Writing Team

Meet the brilliant stars of our writing team who have acquired years of extensive experience under their belts working with bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, retired military veterans, songwriters, comic creators, etc.

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