If you are a writer who loves to play with words but now wants to publish your own book, then it's the correct time to read this blog. Because learning the art of promoting your own book without relying on other sources like book marketing companies or book promoting services. Because these services will cost you too much as a new author so, together with us, learn how to promote your book and increase its reach to the right audience.

Book promotion doesn't require long-lasting planning. All you need is to make a little bit of effort, and your book will attract the targeted reader. The proper understanding of market and knowledge of approaches used in promotion also help you in your book promotion. Now before going into details of what strategies can help you in book promotion, let's discuss how book marketing companies play their role and what are the significant differences between marketing and promotion.

How Book Marketing Companies Increase Your Books Reach?

Publishing your book is an uphill battle that not everybody can fight. We know only a few people succeed in becoming an author, but what matters the most is becoming a known author. We also know that writing a complete book and then making it reach the right audience is an extensive goal that can’t achieve easily. So when you decide to publish your book, you can take help from marketing companies that increase your book reach.

They use diverse approaches like reaching out to influential bloggers and influencers, creating engaging emails and content, effectively targeting key markets, and participating in book giveaways. They also have the expertise to manage your social media presence, promote your books on all possible platforms, facilitate reviews from book critics, increase publicity for events based on the book, and generate word-of-mouth. By getting innovative with their campaigns, these skilled professionals from an experienced team of professionals can help promote your work to broader audiences and improve your book’s reach exponentially.

However, book marketing companies can charge you an arm and leg to promote your book so you can do it yourself without breaking the bank.

Is Digital Book Marketing Services different from Book Promotion Services?

There is the concept of counting book marketing services and book promotion services as the same thing. But let us clarify your misconception. Although both are used to publicize a book, they differ on many levels. Some of the major differences are:

  • Advertising is categorized as marketing services, while the promotion is not.
  • Mostly marketing resulted in boosting sales & conversion, while promotion helped improve exposure, reach, and reputation.
  • Promotions take much more effort and bring results in a longer time, while marketing campaigns are easy to run and provide immediate results.
  • Promotions are time-sensitive like you have to start it when you are launching your new book; however, marketing doesn’t need any time frame; you can use marketing at any time you want.
  • Promotion is good when you want to expand your public exposure however marketing mainly focus on what your audience need.

Essential Techniques to Promote Your Book

Whether you are a new writer who is self-publishing his/her first book or working with a known publisher, all you have to do is promote your book. Now like every other human being, your mind must be questioning how to promote my book without getting any professional help. We know how it can be disturbing when you are new in the market and don’t have the budget to promote your book through book promotion services. So, for your ease, we bring a few easy and influencing techniques that can help you to promote your book.

1. Write a Compelling Description

The description of your book is everything that can change your promotion game. If you put an exciting description of your book for your reader, that why they should give read to your book. There is a high chance that your book sales will boost.

Maybe you are thinking that giving descriptions will kill the suspense for readers, but a mind-grabbing description about what they will get by reading your book and what thrill they can experience by reading your book can eventually trigger the curiosity of the reader and they will purchase it to satisfy their inner curiosity.

2. Create Author Website

When you become a published author, it is necessary to have a digital presence because, in the world of technology, it is essential to be easily found on google. A captivating digital presence is also played an important role in making your fan base strong. The easiest way to establish your online presence is to launch your own website that depicts who you are, what your writing is, what books you have written, and what your main motive is. Your website is the best way to create your persona for your targeted audience.

It can also let your reader know more about and stay connected with the author they like to read. Your website must clearly display your bio, photo, short descriptions of all your books, your book-selling link, and the social media or email id to easily connect with you. You can also use your website to promote your new book by adding an eye-catchy description of why they should read your book.

3. Create an Email list

The best thing you can do is to make the connection with your audience by adding the option of your newsletter sign-up on your website. Because for every new update, they can’t visit your website again and again, but your newsletter subscription on their email will make the process of getting updates hassle-free. It’s also the best way to make your connection consistent with your targeted audience.

Email marketing is now named the most useable promotional technique. So, now that you have an email list of your subscriber, you can easily use it to keep the sales of your present and future books boosted by creating a long-term relationship with them.

Geared up yourself to keep your readers updated with the monthly notification to stay on top in their minds. Make sure to stay consistent in sending emails about the promotion of new books to maintain a loyal audience.

4. Use Social Media Presence

Social media is the biggest and most convenient platform to promote anything you want. It also helps the authors to promote their book and get a wider audience exposure. Your influential social media presence can make your book a big splash.

You can engage the audience by posting a quote or piece of writing from your book that attracts the audience's attention and persuade them to read the book completely. You can also ask for followers' opinions to make posts interactive which eventually results in getting diverse opinions that can also make your book a talk of the town and help to promote the book in a better way.

5. Use Book Promotion Websites

Utilizing other websites to publicize your book is a comfortable and effective way to gain more reach. With a little time and struggle, you can promote your book across many different websites, reaching readers who may never have seen it otherwise. As their platform sizes and demographics differ, you should create your note accordingly to grab the targeted audience's attention.

Websites like Goodreads let you boost your book exposure by setting up a profile page precisely where people can look up more details. You can also link to your website, which includes reviews and other useful information designed to attract potential readers. Promoting your book on other websites benefits those interested directly to further information about you as an author, thus widening the reach of any given promotion.

6. Create Amazon Author Page

The easiest way to promote your book is to list yourself as an author on amazon, as it is one of the biggest markets for bookselling. Nowadays, every author has at least one page on this platform. You can easily register and create your page on Amazon author central. Amazon also allows free book promotion that lets you attract a wider audience.

Setting up your author account also facilitates you to build a connection with other authors with the same genre and share your work with them to receive free word-of-mouth marketing. It also lets you add your book editorial review to your book sales page on Amazon.

7. Guest Post & Articles

Creating guest blogs and articles as part of your book promotion strategy is a great way to promote your book and reach out to potential readers. Using this technique, you can influence other bloggers’ reader base and tap into new audiences.

You can advertise your book in the bio section or in the body of the article itself, utilizing keywords and other SEO strategies that will allow individuals to discover your work more easily. Guest blogging also lets you to showcase your writing skills and develop credibility around you as an author. If you are curious about exploring this easy route for promoting your book, start by searching the right blog or website, then connect with its owner and describe why it would be helpful for them to feature you as a guest contributor.

8. Do Podcasts

Starting a podcast related to your interest or the subject your book is defining will also be a good shot to promote it. Because podcasts always highlight and talk about things in detail, eventually giving the audience an idea of whether they should follow this or not.

If you can’t do your own podcast, try to become a guest in others. You can be a compelling guest for them because they always want a piece of information that can be beneficial for their audience. So, if you decide to appear on any podcast, it will be a great chance for you to talk about the book and convince the audience that your book is a must-read.

9. Collaboration with Social Influencer

The social influencer can make or break the brand because in today's world where social media is everything. They hold a very strong and influential position in the marketing industry. The one thing you should consider while choosing the media influencer for your book promotion is whether the influencer you are picking is the one that belongs to the industry or is interested in the genre you choose to target in your book. It's not necessary that an influencer should be famous but will be well-known by your target audience.

In this fast-paced world, collaboration with social media influencers can save you a lot of time as an author. Social media influencers are the people who work for the people. They are very much aware of the choices of their followers and can bring a huge audience towards you as they know what can persuade their followers easily to choose your book and give it a read.

10. Book Events

Organizing an event to introduce your book to your audience will be a beneficial step in promoting your book. As we know that book events provide a great opportunity to bring your name in front of more people and let them talk about your book. It also provides a great chance to make connections with other authors and readers from different backgrounds.

The main reason behind event organization should be your book promotion through word-of-mouth marketing. So, it will be necessary for you to talk about a book in the event, like what inspired you to write this book, how this book will impact readers, and what lesson this book will be going to deliver so people will take an interest and persuade to buy your book and also recommend to others.

11. Connect with Book Reviewers

Reviews can make your book promotion game strong because now people check reviews before making the purchase of any book. The more you get reviews, the higher the visibility of your book.

So, it will be beneficial for you if you reach out to the reviewers who love to read the genre your book belongs to. Give your book to them and ask them to review it honestly on their social platforms or whatever medium they use to share the review with their audience. Reaching out to book reviewers can not only boost your sales but also provide a direct line of communication and acceptance for your work.

12. Book Giveaway to Potential Clients

Do you know what a giveaway is, or do you ever win anything?

Giveaways are a technique to market your brand by increasing audience engagement. All you have to do is give your book to some potential customers; then, they will help you reach out to new people and advertise your book in their circle. So, this tactic can also use to promote your book.

A giveaway is also a great chance to put your book in front of people interested in the same genre your book belongs to, so it helps them to hear about it easily. It can also help you to boost your book sale.

13. Create Audiobook

These days we know that people are busier and have less time to sit and read books. So most people prefer audio books because they can listen to them any time they want, like while travelling, on coffee or tea breaks, or even when they are doing home chores. The chances are higher the individuals that listen to your audiobook will also read your book and recommend it to others. That’s why creating an audiobook of your book is a great way to promote it.

We are also familiar with the fact that audiobooks allow you to bring the story to life with nuance and expressions that let the users connect emotionally, which eventually pushes the reader to read it. That’s how audiobooks play a huge part in your book promotion.

14. Build Kindle Store Profile

Setting up a Kindle store is the best way to promote your book and engage with potential readers. It clearly signifies that on Kindle, your audience can easily find your book, along with a user-friendly platform to build a connection with the people who are purchasing it. Additionally, as we know, the Kindle store is full of features and promotions like discounts and promotional text for books; it can be the best platform to publicize your book. With its immense reach, having a strong presence on Kindle also lets you introduce your work to more people than ever.


So now, if you are an author who wants to promote a book, try using any of the methods we share with you to get the words out. We assure you that with a little creativity and effort, your book will get the attention it deserves. Who knows, maybe by following these approaches, your book will become the best seller of the year or can be added to Oprah’s book club list.

Do you have some other techniques to promote a book? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.


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