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With the right publishing strategies and channels, we exponentially improve the accessibility and reach of your book.

Ultra-Modern Book Publishing Paradigms


Book Editing

Writers of USA strive for perfection. Once your book is complete, it goes through a series of steps starting from editing. Our senior editors make sure that every nook of your book is beyond perfect.

Book Formatting

One of the most significant phases after the book is ready to be published. Senior Writers of USA have a dedicated team to ensure that your book is visually consistent, uniform, and perfect in every aspect. Right formatting increases the readability and comprehension of a book; therefore, our focus is to deliver exemplary solutions.


Cover Design

We have a separate team of book cover designers who always bring the kind of cover that resonates with your storyline and plot. An appealing cover quickly catches the client's eye. Because we all know that books do get judged by their cover, and we are here to make your book the bestseller of all times.

Custom Illustrations

Interesting, great illustrations are not just an imperative piece of your book's visually aesthetic value, however, it keeps them hooked and enhances the understanding of the story. Our illustration experts will take care of everything in order to meet your expectations.

Book Marketing

Book marketing is the most crucial part of book publishing because with marketing you capture the eye of your target audiences, and we understand the importance of it quite well. Our expert book marketers have full grip on book marketing dynamics, therefore it's guaranteed that your book is going to be a full proof bestseller.


After all the preliminary screening tests and quality assurance, your book reaches the printing phase. Where we get it printed from the best publication companies. Get your imagined storybook transformed into reality by our book printing administrations! Book printing is now made easy by Writers of USA. We not just save your time but the cost too.

Writers of USA Have Simplified
the Way of Book Publishing

We have got your back! It's time to stop worrying and get in touch with our professional and book publishing experts. Our skilled publicists with years of experience devise strategies that work like magic. If your book is not reaching the right audiences, all the effort goes in vain. Therefore, our teams come forward and save your books from becoming a part of the last row of the bookshelves and collect just dust due to the lack of right publishing activities. Therefore, it's highly preferred to hire an expert to get your book published and taken care of. All you need to do now is just sit back and let our devoted teams handle everything. We get your book published on all the leading print mediums and make it available digitally for audiences across the globe. Feel free to collaborate with us and let us be a primary part of the journey from idea nation to verbalizing them into a form of a best-selling book. Get in touch or request a free quote today. We are also offering free consultations exclusively too.

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Amazon Book Publishing Services
for Young Aspiring Authors

Writers of USA are always on their toes to walk an extra mile for you and go above and beyond. We understand the time and efforts that go behind bringing a book forward. From drafting the outline till the last page is turned. The process takes approximately around 5 to 6 months. When the draft is finished, writers are depleted.

But it's high time that you stop worrying and let us take control over book publishing errands. We comprehend the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing like the rear of our hands. We offer everything that takes your book to new heights and makes new records.

We transform your ideas into worlds and words into a form of an intact book. We'll take your draft and transform it into a distributed book on Amazon, with every one of the fundamental components arranged and refined flawlessly. We understand the nuances of Amazon distribution. We develop strategies that save your time, effort and save you long stretches of valuable cost, and a huge load of energy.

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Amazon Publishing is Amazon's book distributing unit. Laid out in 2009, it involves 16 engravings that distribute exchange fiction, genuine, and kids' fiction all over the planet.

Amazon book publishing is one of the most traditional book publishing outlets. It is a self-publishing platform and one of the most in demand publishing channels. Writers of USA assist you in publishing your book in the most cost and time efficient manner.

The expense of distributing a book fluctuates significantly however independently published writers can hope to spend somewhere in the range of $100-$2500 to distribute a book in view of extra book creation costs like altering, cover formatting, arranging, and that's just the beginning, which we cover.

Indeed, you can totally distribute your book free of charge. Customary distribution is free. You can likewise distribute for nothing on the web at locales like KDP, Smashwords, Lulu, or even on your own site.

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Couldn't be happier that I came across Writers of USA and got my book written by them. They made the process of writing the book super transparent, and kept me involved through the process. Their fiction book writers adapt the idea quickly and start running with it. The team completed my book before the due time and got it published from the A-list publishing outlets. 100% recommended, and keep the good work up!

James Brooke

I got my fictional story book written by them, which instantly hit the libraries and became every single person’s favorite in no time. Their professionalism is commendable, and the writers are extremely professional, which makes the writing process swift.

Alex Kent

I'm so thrilled with what they have brought forward in such a short span of time, not just me, my audiences are also in love with the book. They always suggest and bring ideas to the table to make your book the best, and nothing less. Their ghostwriters go above and beyond the convention, which I highly appreciate. I can proudly call my go-to ghostwriters and the best in business.

Jake Bosco

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